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Monday, April 7, 2008

Saturday festivities

Saturday was the day of the very first bridal shower! I have been looking forward to it ever since Michael's mom told me she wanted to host one for me. It was a Williams-Sonoma Spring cooking class and shower! It was AMAZING!!! I was able to have a total of 11 people including myself and the host. It was in Knoxville at our Williams-Sonoma. We had a wonderful cooking "teacher"!

I had some of the ladies who attend the church where I teach sunday school, my mother, my sister, Michael's mom, and my good friends (Julie and Cathy) came to the shower. We had a full meal that was sooo delicious!! Strawberry Spinach Salad with this yummy poppy seed dressing, vertical stuffed potatoes, Beef Wellington, and Red Velvet Cheesecake. YES! You saw that right...RED VELVET CHEESECAKE!!! It was sooo delicious. I will have to post the recipe at some point. I really want to make it! :)
I (unfortunately) did not get any pictures of the salad--it was soo yummy. I will be posting that recipe at some point as well :)

This is me, my sister (Marsha), and Julie

Dawn and Me

Karrie, Carrie, and Me

Me and Cathy

Julie and Me

Michael's mom (Jane)--the FMIL, and Me

My FMIL had the cute apron I have on in these pictures made! It even has my new monogram!!! She thought of everything...right down to the favors--Williams Sonoma spatulas in the cute spring colors tied with a cute ribbon!

Everyone raved about the food! It was such a wonderful idea for an intimate shower! I had a ball!!!!

And now for the presents:

As you can see, I got all kinds of great things!!! :)
stemless wine glasses
bride and groom cookbooks
Untensil container with a variety of cooking utensils

I cannot wait to start using these!!!

(more pictures to come from my sister's camera)

I had a wonderful Saturday!

Williams Sonoma shower
ordered invitations
hung out with my mom, Marsha (my sister), and the FMIL! :)
We all went out to dinner as a big family (Michael and his parents and me and my family)


rachel trigueiro, event designer said...

What a fun place to have a shower! :) It sounded marvelous (and delicious!) It looks like your wedding is coming together perfectly. Can't wait to see more pictures! :) Good luck in the coming weeks! - Rachel

Lauren said...

Meredith, I am so excited for you that you had such a fun shower! I never knew you could have a shower at WS? What a great idea!

I saw that you received a microplane grater. I love mine! And you got a Kitchenaid mixer! Yay! I love mine and use it all the time!

Enjoy your week!

PS - I almost bought that dress at ATL. It looks so cute on you!

Etiquettely Correct said...

What a neat idea! Thats very exciting you got a Kitchenaid. You and your sister look so much alike

Mrs.Preppy said...

I never knew that you could have a shower at WS. That is great knowledge to have. I love my KA mixer -- hope you do as well!

The Roaming Southerner said...

What a fun shower idea...and if you are running late without a present know where you can get one?!?

Very cool idea, I may have to steal it.

Anonymous said...

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