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Monday, April 7, 2008


Sorry I've been MIA.....

I took off work last Friday to spend the day with my parents (who came down from Northern Virginia) in Chattanooga. We had 4 wedding vendor appointments on Friday.

We left Knoxville at 8am and drove to our linen rental company store. We had a brief meeting with the linen company. I showed my parents what Pam (the wedding planner) and I came up with for our reception tables. Linens are pricey. We had to do some wheeling and dealing and make many compromises, but what we came up with will be beautiful. These pictures don't do it justice, but of course will look much better with the tables set and with the flowers, etc.
Table overlays

Chairs with chair covers and the light peach organza sash

Our compromise: We will be doing 40% of the tables with the striped sheer overlay and the remaining 60% will have a light peach solid satin table runner. This will save a few hundred dollars!!! :)

These are for our wedding cake tables:

Brides Wedding Cake: Its this pin tucked sheer overlay with little shimmery beads at the tucks. We will have a light peach underlay for this table (matches the table runners that will be on 60% of the tables). IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

Grooms Wedding Cake: This is a sheer striped overlay. It has a masculine feel without being to "harsh" next to our soft toned decor.

This is for our sweetheart table. This is a cream fabric with embroidery detailing that brings in our pale yellow and the peachy pink color!

This is for our candy buffet table. This polka dotted sheer overlay gives a whimsical and fun touch to our candy table! I am very excited to see how this will turn out :)

Mom and Dad brought in so much candy that they have been collecting for the candy buffet! It looks like they robbed a candy store!!! ;o) I am seriously going to have to take some pictures and post later!! :) They brought in some more big glass containers to add to my collection. I think we are up to around 20 containers :)
Also, Mom and Dad found a GREAT deal on some small squatty Mason jars for the guests to fill up with candy and take home! They brought all 300 of those too! (and I think we are going to need a few more because of our HUGE guest list) Needless to say, my house is the Wedding War Zone!! So much stuff!! :)

We also met with the florist on Friday. She met up with us at the linen company's store. My parents hadn't met her yet and she brought in some stuff to show us. Everything is going to be so beautiful and our florist is AMAZING!! I am so excited!!! (sorry no pictures)

Next up, our menu tasting! In a word, YUMM-O!!!! Everything was so delicious! I cannot wait!!!!
We will be having 2 options:
Herb Roast Tenderloin of Beef, Truffle Demi Glace
Marinated Airline Chicken (which we are calling Marinated Breast of Chicken--I don't want the guests to think we are serving rubber chicken from some in-flight meal deal), Mandarin Cranberry Relish, Orange Chili Sauce

Each entree is served over a bed of mashed potatoes and asparagus!
The presentation was spectacular!!! I wish I had gotten a picture!!! :(

Our Salad choice:
Asiago Caesar Salad

Mom and Dad were very pleased--and so was I! :)

Our last appointment of the day was at the hair salon! I was so excited! Judy (the hair stylist) knows exactly what she is talking about and for a rough draft (no product), she did superb!!! of all, my dad was a trooper through the whole thing. (so was Mom, but that's a given!)

More to come later today from Saturday and Sunday's festivities!!! (including my first bridal shower!!!)


JN said...

dang finally an update!!! Love the updo, you look gorgeous. I can't wait to see the pictures from the shower, I had so much fun:)

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

your linens look absolutely lovely! i love the overlay combos with the striped and solid.

Lauren said...

I love the linens you have chosen. Your dad sounds like a great guy! Kudos to him for keeping up with you two.

Nelly said...

if he went to the citadel he must be great! YOUR BLOG IS PRECIOUS!