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Friday, May 2, 2008

Wedding gifts arrive :)

We were so excited to come home to 3 packages on my front doorstep the other day! nope, they weren't wedding planning supplies, they were wedding gifts!!!

The parents and brother of a good friend of mine, Christie (one of my bridesmaids), sent us our first 5-piece place setting of our Kate Spade fine china! It is beautiful!!! --and all in 1 piece :)

A cousin of my grandmother's sent us our first Wilton Armetele platter. My cousin and his wife LOVE theirs and highly recommended that we register for some. They are great! We cannot wait to use it.

Also, my sister called in an order from a local specialty store in Knoxville (Glass Bazaar)--where we have registered for our everyday flatware and our Christmas china. Our everyday china can also be purchased here. My sister got us a serving piece from our everyday china!!! They hand delivered it, but unfortunately we got it after someone else had gotten to it (maybe the UPS man or something) and we got it in a few peices....Luckily, Glass Bazaar is understanding and they are replacing it for us! :)

We have a triple header shower week next week!
Sunday, we have a shower/tea in Chattanooga
Wednesday, I have a shower at work
Saturday, we have a couples "The First Year of Good Cheer" shower given by Michael's parents' sunday school class :) (each couple is assigned a month of the year and they are to bring a gift suited for that month--similar to around the clock, but with months of the year instead!)

We can't wait!!! :)


Lauren said...

Yay! It is so exciting when presents come in the mail! What is your everyday pattern? I am sure it is beautiful, I love Kate Spade's china!

Enjoy your weekend!

Meredith said...

our everyday pattern is JULISKA berry and thread :)

fran said...

I remember those fun days!! Great pictures!