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Monday, May 19, 2008

Cake tasting

Michael and I got to have our cake tasting this weekend with his parents. They were all so yummy!!! :)
Here are some pictures of the tasting...

For the wedding cake:
white cake with a vanilla mousse filling with buttercream icing

And this is what it will look like :) (I love Martha Stewart)

For the grooms cake:
We thought about chocolate but decided we wanted to be a little different than traditional. We didn't want nuts because of allergies (my own and other people who may be allergic)
We decided on an orange velvet....because we love red velvet cake but didn't want it to be red in color....the orange goes with the wedding decor a little better. :)

And this is what it will look like.....

Yeah right....that's a surprise!! You will have to wait to see it at the wedding or in pictures from the wedding :)

Cakes will be made at THE CAKE GALLERY in Chattanooga, TN


Lauren said...

Yum! Cake tasting is so much fun! The flavor you chose for your wedding cake sounds delicious.

Enjoy your week!

Red and White Preppy said... just made me quite hungry! I love the choice of your cake :)

Anonymous said...

I think I know what it's going to look like! Do I?


fran said...

Orange velvet sounds perfect....