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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I just got a phone call a couple of hours ago.....MY WEDDING DRESS IS IN!!! (about a month early!) I am so psyched!!!! It is in Virginia--so I will have to wait until June 14th for my first fitting! BUT AT LEAST IT IS HERE!!! I'm so excited!!! Things are coming together so wonderfully!

The calligrapher finished our invitations in 7 days! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Seriously, she is amazing!! Her name is Debi-Lyn. She is GREAT! Drop a comment if you are looking for a good calligrapher and I will give you her contact info :)

Tonight, Michael and I are hosting a invitation stuffing party!!! I am so lucky to have such great friends in the area. Julie and Adam, and Jay and Ashley are coming over for dinner and then helping with the invites....(pictures to follow)

Also, we had quite the hurdle yesterday with the invitations....It wil cost $1.17 to mail each invite. YIKES!!! The $0.59 LOVE wedding stamps won't be released until Jun 10th (too late to send the invites). So, after toying with MANY different options, we are settling for 2x $0.58 LOVE wedding stamps (that we had to order online because they were out of them at all of the knoxville post offices) and a $0.01 tiffany lamp stamp. UGGH! Oh well. I think this was the best option... And to top that off, the LOVE stamp for the response card won't be ready until June 10th we have to use the flag stamps.....BOO :(


Clair said...

i am having the same stamp issues!!! we have to send our invites out in before june 10th. What I just did was go to and uploaded my wedding logo and ordered my own stamps in the right amount. Also if you google there are always 20% off coupons... so i only spent an extra $20 than the cost of the plain old stamps and was able to avoid the flag and tiffany lamp. Best of Luck!

Always Organizing said...

How exciting!!!! Have fun with invitation stuffing :)

Anonymous said... maybe that will help! ~kate

fran said...

oh my goodness Meredith! $1.17?? I can't wait to get this invite!! :)

jessica lynn said...

awww thanks for the blog love on your blog roll! I feel your pain on the stamps!~!