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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Questions

What accessories do you wear everyday?
My engagement ring :) (thats my most favorite accessory), earrings, but i change them up depending on the outfit.

What is your beauty routine?
I have mild adult acne (i think it is from resting my chin on hands when I am at work, hormone changes, and stress) that i am trying to remedy so I try to switch it up every now and then. I love L'oreal PURE ZONE products (which I am pretty sure they removed from the shelves for some reason but I stocked up so much at one point that I am still using it. I also occasionally use YONKA products--which I love! I moisturize only in the morning before applying makeup.

What was the last item of clothing you bought?
2 dresses and 1 pair of shoes from Ann Taylor LOFT! (i love that place)

Do you use a dresser, closet, or both?
Dresser, Chest of drawers, a few rubbermaids under the bed, and 2 closets. YIKES!

What type of earrings are in your ears right now?
Pearl studs

What type of figure do you have?
I am 5'5...definitely pear shaped (i get that from Mom).

Do you wear glasses? only when I am at work staring at the computer all day

What type of handbag do you carry? I switch it up a lot.....but usually they are always BIG bags....i call them work bags. I have so much JUNK in them though

What is your ideal style?
In a nut shell, ANN TAYLOR!!! I love that stuff!!!

What jewelry are you wearing right now?
pearl studs and my engagement ring :)

Do you wear knee-hi stockings?

Do you have to wear matching lingerie?
My bra and panties ALWAYS had to match when I first started wearing, not so much. I would love it if they did though.

Do you wear makeup?
Absolutely...otherwise it is a very scary sight

Do you wear nightgowns?
yes. I don't like wearing pants to bed because they get bunchy and twisted and its all very uncomfortable

What outerwear do you put on when going out on a typical winter's day?
I love my northface. But when I dress up, I have a long black coat.

What is your favorite perfume?
Classic--Banana Republic
Michael--Michael Kors
Light Blue--Dolce&Gabbana

Is your motto "quality over quantity"?
it depends what it is. For basic/classic items that I will use again and again - I prefer quality. For items that I think I might only use for a season, I will go to Target or TJMaxx

Do you wear rain boots?
sometimes. I have these really cute wellies that are black and white polka dotted :)

Do you wear socks or slippers when your feet get cold?
usually feet are always really cold

Do you have a set of travel luggage?
Not really. I have a few pieces from a set I used to have, but the airport guys banged it all up and broke the wheels off of some of the pieces. My mom and dad bought me 1 piece of a new set, but we never finished off the set. We registered for some though to go with that set!!!

What is your daily uniform?
To work? There isn't one. I can wear jeans and a tee shirt if i wanted.

If you are married, did you wear a veil with your wedding dress?
engaged - yes I am wearing a veil

Do you wear a watch?
no--i use my cell phone as my watch

What item of clothing always makes you feel extremely beautiful?
I love my wedding dress!

What is your favorite type of yarn?
??? I don't knit

Do you prefer zippers or buttons? zippers are definitely easier but I like the look of buttons better