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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On My Way To Toned Arms!

I have to let you all in on a little secret...its my new arm workout (in hopes of slimming down my flabby arms). My co-worker, Lauren, showed it to me and let me tell you...WOW! I think I can already tell it is going to work. She calls it 3 sets of TWENTY-ONES. This is what you do:
Take some small hand weights (I am starting at 3 lbs and working my way to 5 lbs--I may go for 7 if I feel the need) --another hint, bring them to work with you if you have a desk job. THEY ARE GREAT WHENEVER I TAKE MY EYE BREAK FROM STARING AT THE SCREEN
Do your basic bicep curls--except only bring them half way up (to a 90 degree angle) and back down. Do this 7x
Then, start out at the half way point (arms at a 90 degree angle) and bring them up for the "rest" of the bicep curl. Do this 7x (start at 90 and bring them up to the full curl).
Then do a full bicep curl 7x.
That completes your first SET of TWENTY-ONES. Do this 3 times... TRUST ME, you will feel the burn. Lauren tells me I will start to see the difference in a matter of a few weeks! I am so excited.

This area was the one area that I decided to focus on prepping for the wedding :) I think I am on my way.
I did 3 sets of TWENTY-ONES twice today to make up for missing yesterday.


Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing! I want to try this. My arms are not so toned these days.

Erin and Todd said...

i think i'm the only bride that seems to be GAINING weight in the six weeks leading up to the wedding. yikes.

i did the 3 sets of TWENTY-ONES tonight... thanks for much for sharing! i'm working out like crazy, but i'm going to have to go the extra mile and start doing these at work.