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Friday, March 7, 2008

Bridesmaid dresses are in :)

My mom was planning on going and getting them today--since she has time. I will see my mom the first weekend of April and I will get the dresses then from her to give to Lesli, Jennie, Christie, and Rachel. (I can also have my mom mail the dress to you if you would like)

Emily, you can either get the dress from my mom since you live sort of near there now or you can wait and get it from me later. Her phone number is 703-304-7658. Her email address is

Lindsey, you can get the dress from my mom since you live so close.

Melissa, Lara, and Marsha, you can get the dress from (my) mom next time you are in VA or we can mail it to you. Let us know which would be better for you.

If you ONLY paid a deposit on your dress, PLEASE CALL AND HAVE THEM RUN YOUR CREDIT CARD for the balance. (please try to do this today if possible)

Those of you who live in and around the Northern VA area are more than welcome to go to Rosalin's for alterations. I have the name of someone who will do alterations in Knoxville if you are interested. (just a reminder: you should wait to get alterations until you have your shoes to try on with it)

I think that's it! I am so excited they came in early!!!!!