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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our big day is here (august 2, 2008)

Our big day is here!!!
I stayed up on Friday night before the wedding writing a letter to Michael that would be delivered to him on the day of our wedding. Once I finished the letter, it was easy for me to fall asleep! I think I was just so exhausted--all the planning and stressing---I was getting married!!!!! I got a great night of sleep and was rested for the big day. My day started off at the hair salon with my bridesmaids--we went in shifts since it was a small salon. Unfortunately, the day became a little rushed at the salon--probably my 1 regret of the day--i wish we had started earlier in the morning at the salon--as it was 8:30am was not early enough--even though our wedding was at 4:30 in the afternoon. But all in all, we made it and everything turned out just fine :)
My grandmother got her hair done too :)

Melissa and Lara at the salon (they were a part of the first shift of appointments--such troopers)

Lindsey and Christie getting their hair done

Lilly and Chloe getting their hair set

Jennie, Rachel, Lesli, and Me getting magazine inspiration :)

Getting my hair and makeup done---the royal treatment :)

Our ride to the church...

Goin to the chapel.... :)

The boys getting ready

The men have arrived at the church

The boys getting a quick bite to eat before putting on their tuxes.

Our adorable ring bearer Cavan. He had so much fun hanging out with the big boys :)

A few pictures of our wedding

Lara and me

some of the church decor

My family and me right before going down the aisle

Making my way down the aisle

Our beautiful aisle runner

My cousins (Lauren and Ally) --the program and guest book attendants

My bridesmaids and me


After the wedding in the holding room right before we took pictures

The reception:
A shot of the reception ballroom

Best man and Maid of honor introduction

Our first dance - "Signed Sealed Delivered"

Grooms Cake - GO VOLS!

Our wedding cake - inspired by a cake in the Martha Stewart Weddings book

Daddy/Daughter dance

Polish apron dance--This was such a fun time at our reception. It is sort of like the dollar dance you see done at some weddings but this is a polish family tradition.

Candy buffet

Our parents

Rose Petal exit

Our getaway car

For more pictures, be sure to check out our wedding album online:



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