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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Chattanooga Wedding!

We were so excited for the big day! Here are some pictures of the Thursday and Friday before the wedding!

We just so happened to arrive at the hotel at the same time as one of my childhood best friends, Lindsey (she was one of my bridesmaids too) and the junior bridesmaid, flower girl, and ring bearer (my 3rd grade teacher's children). Here is a picture of us all. Can you believe the pretty blonde was my 3rd grade teacher--and she has 4 children!!!??? She is one amazing lady and has meant so much to me in my life--it was only fitting that her family was apart of my wedding :)

Here is a picture of the beautiful hotel lobby.

We got right to work on Thursday night. Luckily, the hotel let us have a room for storage :) (thank you wedding planner Pam!)
We got the candy into the jars, took the glad press n seal off the escort card display and put together the table numbers. We also gave the welcome bags to the front desk to hand out to all of our guests!!! Mom and Dad kept my wedding dress in their hotel room. They also had a steamer to make sure we could steam out any wrinkles from travel--and also so the bridesmaids could get wrinkles out of their dresses too.

This is Marsha (my sister) and me on thursday night before the wedding. Actually, Michael took me on a date that night in downtown Chattanooga. It was our last date night before we got married :)

I also spent most of thursday afternoon and evening greeting some of our guests.
Here are my Uncle Rob and Aunt Gloria. Aunt Gloria is actually an ordained minister and will be a part of our wedding ceremony.

A family friend of Michael's wanted to host my Bridesmaid Luncheon. She hosted it at a tea room in Chattanooga and she thought of everything. The food was delicious and she had a charm cake for us too as well as little favors for everyone. Michael's mom even had favors for us all too.
The tea room

My maids and me

The KDs

The charm cake

Getting our charms

While the girls were all at the bridesmaids luncheon, Michael and his groomsmen and some of the men in the family went on a golf outing.

The rehearsal
Lara and me getting ready

Jay and John rolling out the runner

Michael and me at the altar

Junior Bridesmaid, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer, and me

The men

And later that night, the rehearsal dinner was held at the Walden Club in downtown Chattanooga. This club is on top of a bank building in Chattanooga and has a panoramic view of Chattanooga--its soo beautiful. It was the perfect location for the dinner :) Michael's parents did such a great job planning this special evening. They even had personalized M&Ms (for Michael and Meredith) made up for everyone to take home as a favor---they even had our picture on the M&Ms. So cute!!!

My mom's side of the family

Our good friends Adam and Julie with Michael

The delicious buffet

We presented all of our attendants with gifts at the rehearsal dinner. We appreciate each of them so much. We have such wonderful friends and family!

A picture of the M&M's Michael's parents had for everyone for favors at the dinner :)

Stay tuned for pictures of our big day!


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