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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Candy Buffet

I am really excited about our favors! We are having a candy buffet at the wedding. The tables will have a small mason jar (with ribbon and a gift tag of course) for each guest. We will have a candy buffet set up in the reception ballroom for guests to go up to and fill their jar to take home with them. This is a great way to continue the use of my color scheme and create a decorative element to the room while still providing a tasty treat for our guests! Since Michael's grandfather (who passed away last year) had such a sweet tooth and was known for his love of candy (and always had some in his pockets to share), we will be dedicating the candy buffet in his memory. This will also make it very personal and meaningful. Let me know if you have any ideas for peach, yellow, white/ivory, silver, and pink candy.


Melanie said...

very cool idea!! I wish I'd done something like this. I'll be thinking of candies... Of course you know you can get custom M&M colors.

Julie said...

Oh for peach color candy, the grocery store or candy store sells these peach gummy rings that are awesome!!! So there's your peach colored candy that tastes like a peach! :)
Or for the gold and silver candy, hershey kisses are always good one with the silver wrapping...

Anonymous said...

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