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Friday, May 30, 2008

Monogram Shower!

What a fun shower this was!!! Some of my bridesmaids decided to throw me a shower in Knoxville. The theme was monogram. I registered for a lot of monogrammed items and I am OBSESSED with the new monogram!!! It was not required to bring a monogrammed gift but many people did. We got a good variety of gifts :)

I have the BEST friends!!! Everything was so cute!! (from the MAGPIES cake, heart shaped ice cubes, yummy food, cute invitations, fun games to the cute favors) Enjoy the pictures!!! There were a few guests that left before we got the chance to take their picture.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Entering the WEDDING WAR ZONE....enter if you dare

Thats what we have been calling the media room downstairs in my basement.....these pictures do not even do it justice. All of the invitations were sprawled out on the floor in box lids....the jars for the favors, hundreds of strips of ribbon, wedding gifts, etc.....It was a nightmare down there for my fiance who is a neat freak--and somehow he could not see the organized chaos that existed down there...--it was just chaos to him. These pictures were taken actually before the invitations came in and aftr Mom and I had picked up the clutter--

Luckily, the invitations were sent on Tuesday and the jars have ribbons tied on top and a label in the we were able to clean it up a bit.

Here are some pictures of the wedding invitations and the calligraphy! (and yes, in case you are wondering, we did send ourselves an invitation in the mail) :)

I have so many DIY projects for the wedding I have been working on for the past few months.

ESCORT CARD DISPLAY --that i blogged about a few months ago
My cousin's wife, Ashley, came over with her school's diecut machine and I had ordered a diecut shape of a gift tag to use in our escort card pockets. Its kind of a confusing project.....
Each family will receive a "pocket"/envelope--names will be written on these pockets. Inside the pocket will have the gift tag shaped cardstock. One that has the table number assigned to them. Then, each individual will have their own gift tag that has a "C" or a "B" (i.e. chicken or beef). Thats how the servers will know who has which entree.
Ashley cut out SOOO MANY gift tags with her diecut machine. WHAT A HUGE HELP!!!
I had Kinkos cut strips of paper which i then turned into "pockets" with a circle punch to cut a semi-circle in the center and then used this heavy duty adhesive to stick the edges to make the pocket. This makes it look similar to a library pocket.

Candy buffet with small squatty mason jars for the guests to fill up and take home.

We have had the rubber gloves out while we have been sorting candy by color for the candy buffet so that it goes with the wedding colors....we have all of the vases downstairs that we have been hand washing and measuring how much candy will fit. Mom ordered the last of the candy and it should be arriving on my doorstep sometime this weekend or beginning of next week. YAY!!

Candle wax dripping protectors: You know those green and wite circles that fit around those small congregational candles (the candles we are giving each of our guests during the unity candle) to prevent the candle wax from dripping all over you? Well, I wanted to make them coordinate with the wedding collors so I decided to make some myself with peach colored cardstock/scrapbook paper! Luckily I found a large circle punch at the scrapbook store. Then we got an extended reach hold punch to punch a small circle in the center and then used scissors to cut and "X" through the center to feed the candle through. THEY ARE DONE!!!!! Thank goodness....Mom punched the large circles, Ashley helped me out with the center circle punch, and my sister helped me cut the "X" in each one.

Next up, the menus. We are having our AMAZING calligrapher write up our menu and then we will photocopy it onto some shimmer paper and I have a corner punch to make it fancy and also some small rhinestones to glue 1 or 2 at the top in part of our wedding "logo" header.

As for our wedding gifts, well, I don't have the room to "display" the gifts as they used to traditionally do. I have been breaking the rules a bit and putting the gifts away and actually start using some of the gifts. The only ones we haven't used or put away are the monogrammed ones.

Our cocktail napkins arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago! They turned out great and are a really pretty peach color.


Another Chattanooga Shower

We had a shower mother's day weekend in Chattanooga. (I realize I am a little behind in blogging this one) We have been referring to this shower as the Cornerstone shower. Michael's parents' sunday school class (the Cornerstone class as they are commonly called) threw us this shower. The Gentry's hosted the shower at their home on the Council Fire golf course. It was so much fun.

The decor had a summer soiree flare and it was called "The First Year of Good Cheer". Guests were assigned a month of the year to theme their gift around (similar to Around the Clock, but this was months of the year). When we opened gifts we started with September (the first month after we are married) and then went through the rest of the year and ended with August. We got a lot fo really cute things.

Here is a picture of the awesome cake they had. In case you didn't already know, I am obsessed with our new the fact they had a monogrammed cake was PERFECT!!!!!

We got a lot of fun gifts :)